Catering and Decor

Kalinga Events has its own name for having one of the best catering services. We have experienced cook with well trained team for catering.The cook is well trained in preparing every kind of dishes as per the taste of different states and tribes. They have excellent keen knowledge towards the use of ingredient for different aroma .Our Decoration, the usage of flowers depend on seasons. Same wise the usage of ingredient differs with season to season. In Rainy seasons we suggest client to go for more tandoor or tikka items. In winters chatpati items are preferred and in Summer mostly malai items are in demand. One of the motto of Aayojan is not to serve cold food even for the extreme last guest. Fresh and hot foods are served till the counter is closed. Focus on catering  is the most for Aayojan. The reason being  a good taste can only takes a brand to a greater height. Many times client use to bargain on the price value for catering. However Aayojan uses all the ingredient of its best quality thereby never compromises on its taste and quality. Aayojan is ok to leave the project if it comes to compromise on its quality.

How We Can Help You

We are committed to making your celebrations a joyous occasion with unlimited fun to mark the trip down the memory lane. We believe that it’s the small joys and fun filled moments that make count the journey of life. Afterall, age is just a number, the heart always remains young.